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cld business coaching training intercultural global teamwork workshop hamburgThis is exciting! This seventh part of my series on inspiring people in my life. This time it is my turn to share, to say thank you to all my lovely colleagues who have contributed to date.  Following the interviews with Susanne, Annika, Kirsten, Karen , Jin and Martina.

This is all about people who inspire me as a coach and trainer.

The interviews will be, depending on the preference of the interviewee, in English or German. In my case you will find the English interview here and the German one here.

I feel honoured and at the same time in my element in this group of wonderful coaches and wish you an enjoyable read!

Ich bin ganz aufgeregt. Heute steht der siebte Teil der Artikelreihe mit inspirierenden Menschen an, und diesmal bin ich dran, als Dankeschön an die wunderbaren Susanne, Annika, Kirsten, Karen, Jin und Martina für Ihre Interviews und Mühe.

Es geht um Menschen, die mich als Coach und Trainer inspirieren.

Die Interviews sind abwechselnd, nach Vorliebe der, bzw. des Interviewees Englisch oder Deutsch. In meinem Fall findet Ihr hier das deutsche Interview und hier das Englische.

Ich fühle mich geehrt und gleichzeitig pudelwohl in dieser Runde wunderbarer Coaches und wünsche viel Spaß beim Lesen!


What do you particularly enjoy in your work?

Working with people. Being able to support people in their development and growth, when they discover new perspectives, stretch their horizons and fulfill their potential.

It is one of my greatest pleasures that I can be of help to people while they figure out for themselves and acquire the skills to lead in a value-oriented way, to stand up for themselves and those around them, to work together better as a team, to communicate clearly, effectively & appreciatively and to manage their energy mindfully while giving their best. I love co-experiencing those lightbulb moments, be it with individuals or teams. That’s when I am particularly proud of my work.


When your developing something new, where do you reliably find inspiration?

My inspiration comes from colleagues directly, or indirectly, on digital channels. What little I do on social media is very targeted to topics that inspire me and that includes many colleagues in my field. I love learning and the courses I do are aimed at stretching my horizons. Communicating with colleagues who have been in this business many years more than I have always gives me a real push in terms inspiring ideas.

What I usually end up doing is combining aspects of each of these sources of inspiration and joining them to something new in a coaching or training concept, fitting to my customer’s needs.

A topic that has been keeping me busy lately is the body-mind  connection. This describes how taking instinctive reactions of the nervous system into account during change, rather than trying to block it out or ignore it, positively affects the likelihood of the change happening, as well as improving mental health. After all, these reactions are there for a reason, and are, quite literally, life-saving.

I have found recognising their value and working with their effects in coachings and trainings very valuable.


If we’d asked you those two questions 10 years ago, would you have answered them differently?

I suspect I would have answered slightly differently, but not too far off. Ten years ago I was pregnant with our first child and still mentally ‘chewing’ on the idea of whether I wanted to be independent as a business coach and trainer.

Then as now, working with people would be the thing driving my fun factor at work. At the time it would have been in a slightly different context: in leadership.

At the time I would have found inspiration in my circle of colleagues in leadership and the fact that a new human being was growing inside me. As leader I found myself in the situation of people approaching me with coaching-like questions very frequently. Even after changing firms, this phenomenon did not wane.

Working with the people asking those questions inspired me to be the coach and trainer I am today.


You get to choose the next question! What is it? And what’s your answer?

I choose: What book are you reading at the moment? At the moment I am inhaling and enjoying Human kind by Rutger Bregman.

It is full of scientific proof for a fundamental belief I have held dearly for a long time: that humans are fundamentally and predominantly good.

While this belief suffers the effects of what is going on in the world today and how it is reported, it is a belief I have always held. This book inspires me, makes me content and at the same time hopeful, to read what Rutger Bregman has experienced and found.


If you have questions, drop me a line or give me a ring. I look forward to hearing from you!


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