My customers on working with me as business coach & business trainer

  • The leadership workshop was incredibly good fun and I took away a lot from it. Since then I have been able to implement what I learned in feedback exchanges and it is going well. Thank you so much for the business training, your support and your pointers. I hope to see you again and wish you all the best!  

    Relationship Manager About You, Hamburg
  • Mrs Langer-Donohoe always picks the right means and measures as our business coach and trainer in order to significantly improve our communication and the implementation of our goals. Her coaching helped us remarkably and improved the teamwork in our team immensely. As a bonus working with her is fun, even though it can be quite hard work. Our definite recommendation. We are looking forward to the next workshop. Your TRUDE team!

    H.V., CEO T.R.U.D.E., Hamburg
  • We had a great team workshop with Cary focused mainly on intercultural collaboration. Cary's positive energy and her genuine interest in the persons she works with creates an atmosphere which I believe encourages everybody to actively participate and feel part of is being discussed and developed during such workshop.

    F. S. EOS, Head of Intern. Legal Dep.
  • Cary is a part of our pool of coaches and has worked on a variety of internal development processes. We value her opinion and extensive expertise very much. Furthermore Cary works as a (business) coach with our employees. Only positive feedback has reached me on her work there. I am pleased she is supporting us.

    L.D. Protofy, HR & project management
  • Thanks again for everything. We all benefited from having this opportunity to open up with each other. You have our trust in coaching and training. I am glad to be working with you. Thank you for your support during our team development.  

    Team Lead Hermes Logistics, Hamburg
  • As my business coach Cary managed, with the use of only a few methods, to get to the heart of my strengths and abilities.  

    L.K. Lufthansa Technik
  • Cary helped me as my business coach to develop a clear roadmap to enable me to achieve my goals. Cary has a pleasant informal, conversational style coupled with the ability to persistently dig for relevant information to support further personal development. Also, as a native English speaker it was refreshing to know that nothing was being "lost in translation" in my coaching. I highly recommend Cary as a business coach.

    D.C., Quality Assurance Engineer digital/remote coaching
  • Perfect support despite a high level of complexity. I am glad to recommend Mrs Langer-Donohoe as business coach due to her very attentive way of working und her comprehensive coaching experience. It was particularly helpful for me that despite the very high level of complexity in the topics we covered Cary remained calm, and lead me very well using open questions and the appropriate use of tools. I found her to be very sure in what she did as well as flexible in her approach. I am already looking forward to the next time I work together with Mrs Langer-Donohoe.

    I.R., Head of HR Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf, Hamburg
  • A great leadership training with the right mix of theory and practice. Cary is very positive and motivated in the work  she does as business trainer. It is enjoyable working on your personal development with her. Business training I can whole-heartedly recommend.

    J.M., Senior Project Manager About You, Hamburg
  • I would definitely recommend! Cary's long leadership experience in intercultural contexts and in multiple large companies was the reason were decided to work with Dr. Langer as business coach and trainer on team development, conflict management and leadership, among other topics. I am a fan of her 'Viennese charm', her fresh ideas, the way she has provides a 360-degree view and her ability to quickly  grasp her client's complex topics. She has a great ability to approach seemingly difficult topics with a mix of humor and determination, sticking to them in support of her customer's needs.

    F.T., Founder Elbcon, Hamburg
  • Thanks for the great team workshop and the breadth of inputs offered. Focusing on the people aspects of new work was the right thing to do. We particularly enjoyed your authentic and approachable way of guiding us through the topics. We recommend business training with Cary.

    Strategic Buying Otto, Hamburg
  • Mrs Langer-Donohoe successfully worked with the departmental leaders at Ochsendorf & Coll as business coach and trainer following organisational changes necessary in order to adapt to fast and continued growth. Her coaching support enabled the teams to grow the business even further. Her work is characterized by customer orientation and appreciation for the people she works with. Straight-forward questioning and honest feedback lead her customers to their goals. My managers experienced a customized change process, which has sustainably motivated and developed them, and whose results they employ on a daily basis.

    JuDr. Frank Ochsendorf, Founder Ochsendorf & Coll Partnergesellschaft, Hamburg
  • I can assure you that I found the business coaching sessions with you very pleasant and helpful.

    Product Owner Applike, Hamburg
  • Thanks for the great team workshop. We enjoyed! We recommend Cary as a business trainer.  

    Hellofreelancer team xing, Hamburg
  • Professional, skilled, engaging and with refreshing charm - this is how intercultural (and other) training is fun and effective. Definite recommendation as business trainer!

    B.T., Founder Justnlp!, Hamburg
  • I immediately felt at ease with Cary as my business coach. She is professional, friendly and open. Feeling comfortable is extremely important when you are working with a coach because you have to be honest about yourself in order to achieve lasting change, and it may be difficult sometimes. The exercises we worked on in my coaching were very helpful as I planned my next professional step, and I really enjoyed having Cary as my coach. I also found it very helpful for me to be able to communicate with a native English speaker, thereby avoiding losing anything in translation.

    J.A., real estate management Hamburg
  • When I first worked with Cary as my business coach I was experiencing a career crisis. I was very unhappy with the status quo, and not in a position to identify the exact reason for my unhappiness. Cary‘s coaching helped me identify the source of my dissatisfaction, formulate clear goals and find a way out of the crisis. Her clarity and straight-forward communication, as well as her positive attitude, contributed greatly to the success of the coaching process.

    County school board, employee Hamburg
  • Cary Langer-Donohoe is versatile while remaining firmly down-to-earth. As business coach, she puts herself in her customer‘s shoes and hits the nail right on the head. My coaching with her was characterized by their lasting results, which distinguishes her from many others in my eyes.

    N.B., Founder Hamburg
  • Always asking the right questions in order to develop real solutions. I know Cary from the training as business coach and I value her professional leadership experience and particularly the way she leads through coaching sessions. As a leader you are at eye-level with Cary and the coaching conversations are goal and solution oriented. That is why I requested coaching with Cary. I can warmly recommend Dr Cary Langer-Donohoe as business coach.

    Team Lead Akka Technologies, Hamburg
  • Cary Langer-Donohoe  has at her disposal significant topical coaching and business knowledge and long leadership experience, as well as the ability to create a calm and safe environment for her clients, in which they can easily feel at ease and focus on their goals. The successful balance of personality and professional behaviour are key to successful coaching. Cary's skill in listening and taking in what her customers are communicating means she quickly focuses in on the heart of the matter and can easily put herself in her client's shoes, as their business coach and business trainer.

    M.L., Founder Dein Deutsch, Hamburg
  • Cary, thanks for the great coaching session. Yesterday was another great experience. Every time we work together, I am impressed at what you as my business coach help me achieve.

    events manager T.R.U.D.E., Hamburg
  • Hello Cary. You have been a real asset to us. Thank you for your support!

    R. G. Lufthansa Technik, Berlin
  • Working together with you as coach on our teamwork and team development was the most sustainable process my team has been through in order to bring them together and support them in their teamwork.

    Team lead customer service Hermes Logistics, Hamburg
  • Wonderfully empathetic and to the point.
    I know Cary as a very empathetic, professional and straight-forward business coach and trainer. What makes her unique is her background in engineering. At the same time she has a phenomenal sense for people and is an experienced and ambitious business coach. I highly recommend her. Thank you for exchanges!
    Wunderbar emphatisch und auf den Punkt.
    Ich habe Cary als sehr emphatisch, professionell und auf den Punkt kommend erlebt. Es zeichnet sie aus, dass sie durch die Denkschule der Ingenieure geprägt wurde. Gleichzeitig hat sie ein phänomenales Gespür für Menschen und ist ein erfahrener und ambitionierter Business Coach. Ich empfehle Sie gern empfehle. Danke für den Austausch!
  • The training helped me to better understand other cultures. The workshop on e-mail included interesting and helpful phrases to improve our communication.  

    Warner Brothers
  • A very helpful and informative coaching.
    After a rather unhappy start into working life Coach Cary Langer-Donohoe helped me plan my next steps towards my goal in our coaching session. She helped me evaluate what options were sensible and to optimise my CV and documentation. It was a very open and very helpful experience.
    Energy Management
  • High skill-level paired with the ability to connect.
    We value Cary Langer-Donohoe as a business coach (and trainer) very much. Even cases considered difficult to help, she achieved tangible change in only a few months.
    F.E. CTC von Below
  • Cary Langer-Donohoe has been volunteering as a counselor and business coach for the VDI for years. I particularly value her skills in coaching, her knowledge of engineering careers and her flexibility. The feedback we receive from our members on her monthly coaching session with Cary confirm this. She responds to all inquiries in a fast, timely, and helpful manner. I enjoy working with her and look forward to many more years of doing so.

    J.R. VDI, career counselling
  • Working together with Cary as a business coach and trainer on customer projects was characterised by open communication, working at eye level and a consistently positive Outlook on things. Combining her focus on the goal with her optimistic and pragmatic approach significantly contributed to the success of our joint projects. I was pleased to have the opportunity to work with her.

    M.K. offstandards, customer relations
  • Thanks, Cary, for an insightful, diverse and last but not least fun couple of days in our workshop - great to have you coach us on this intercultural journey!

    Team Lead EOS
  • It was a pleasure and a fascinating team workshop. It was over before I knew it. Would definitely repeat! I recommend business coaching and training with Cary.

    Hellofreelancer team xing, Hamburg
  • Cary held an intercultural training with us, in order for us to better understand the different ways of working and communicating between teams in Germany and the USA. She coached us using examples from day-to-day working life in order to make the differences clear and easier to understand for us, and proposed useful solutions to all of our questions.

    M. B. Warner Brother Germany, Hamburg

As business coach and business trainer I work with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to medium size companies, to large global organisations and corporations. If the testimonials of some of my customers for business coaching, business training and workshop facilitation chimes with what you are looking forward, get in touch. We can work a variety of settings: in Hamburg, at the customer’s location or via digital business coaching and business training channels, and in native English and German, or fluent French. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Cary Langer-Donohoe. I look forward to hearing from you!

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