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As your business coach I am here to turn your problems into goals.

In a goal-oriented collaboration I use powerful questions, targeted feedback and specialist coaching tools to enable you to reach your targets more effectively, improve your performance and achieve your full potential.

As your business trainer I shed light on new ways of approaching your work.

In a positive atmosphere based on humanist values, you and your teams will benefit from my extensive experience in leadership, success in intercultural environments and communication skills in training customized to your business needs.

Coaching & Training

As your business consultant I support the assessment of your options and advise you on potential improvements.

In me you will find a sparring partner at eye level with business consultancy, coaching and training experience from employee to CEO level in small, medium and large businesses in a wide variety of areas and industrial experience from team to executive level management across engineering, manufacturing, supplier management up to programme level management.

Each person and each business is unique. I have worked with start-ups, small, medium sized and large companies. My customers are in a variety of industries, such as logistics, online retail, app development, production, entertainment, web design, gastronomy, legal practice, social services, transport and others. Here are some of their testimonials.

My approach takes your needs into account, be it as a business coach, trainer or consultant, separately or in combination, in native English and German, in Hamburg, at your location globally or via digital means, in a bespoke solution fitted to your requirements.

Not sure what combination will best fit your individual requirements? All we’ll need is a quick phone call. Speak to you soon!


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When can business coaching help?

Business coaching can help in situations where you want to achieve clarity for yourself as a leader, for your team, in a global or local context, in preparation for your new leadership, a change for your team or project assignment.

Other situations in which business coaching can help you fulfill your potential:

  • managing conflicts in or with other teams
  • strengthening people management skills
  • identifying your leadership values
  • implementing your leadership values
  • transitioning into a new leadership position
  • preparing for organisational change
  • strengthening global and local teamwork

When can business training help?

Business training can help when you, your leaders, your teams, or your organisation are looking to combine self-development in terms of skills and self-reflection; in the form of bite-size, short impulse training or development training sessions aimed at creating an atmosphere supporting exchange and the creation of a community or practice.

Situations where business training can help you and your organisation fulfill their potential:

  • conflict management
  • giving and taking feedback
  • global leadership
  • intercultural awareness
  • team development workshops
  • strategic workshops
  • employee dialogue and appraisal processes
  • emerging leadership and leadership development

When can business consultancy help?

Business consultancy can help in situations where you want input or support in an area you are not familiar with, where you want process support from someone experienced outside of your organisation, or a sparring partner in order to take you business to the next step.

As your business consultant, I can support you in designing and implementing:

  • appraisal processes,
  • personnel development processes and measures,
  • organisational changes,
  • a two-way, holistic vision development process,
  • open appreciate communication processes
  • organisational changes enabling self-organisation and agile working
  • improvement processes using tools such as appreciative inquiry workshops.

Why business coaching and business training in native English & German?

In business coaching and business training contexts it is of great value to be able to speak in a natural and comfortable manner, without having to spend your time searching for words. For most people, this occurs most naturally in their mother tongue(s).

I offer business coaching and training in native English and German in order to give my customers the opportunity to speak to me as their business coach, business trainer or consultant without having to worry about anything getting lost in translation.

Even if one of these languages is one of your second languages, as English is for many people, you can be sure that, as native  English speaker, with experience in the UK and the USA, I will be able to understand what you mean and support you expressing your thoughts in a way that suits you.


From topical or technical expert to leader.

Authentic leadership, based on your values.

Developing your leadership skills.

Inspiring your team.

Resolving conflicts.

Global Teamwork

Intercultural teams.

Intercultural organisations.

Coaching in mother tongue, native English.

Building Communities of Practice.

Integrating new cultures.

Team development

Sustainable team development.

Open communication.

Resolving conflicts.

Developing self-organisation.

Developing your full potential.

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