Glossary for CLD, Business Coaching & Training

A collection of terms and phrases commonly used in business coaching and business training, with reference information and explanations for leaders and global teams.

Business Coaching

What is business coaching?
What you need to know about how business coaching helps you make better decisions faster, lead more effectively, communicate openly, resolve problems successfully, fulfill your potential & more.

Business Training

What is business training? Unlock your team's and your potential in development workshops, improve teamwork, deepen your communication skills, and design strategies for your continued success. What you need to know about business training & more.

Business Coach

What can a business coach do for you? How your qualified business coach can shine light on new perspectives, support you in effectively using your resources and achieving your goals, & more.


What is leadership? How can business coaching & training support you as a leader, hone your leadership skills and develop your team and yourself, & more.

Project Leadership

What is project leadership? How can business coaching & training support your development as a project leader, leading your project to success, within the scope, time and budget, & more.

Self-organized team

How do you empower your teams to be self-organized? What are hallmark characteristics of self-organized teams? How business coaching & training can support teams and their leadership in enabling self-organization, improving engagement and performance and reducing decision bottlenecks, & more.

Giving and receiving feedback

How do you give feedback so your counterpart can take it in, on positive points or things to be improved? Feedback is a key characteristic and competence of successful teams. Business coaching & training can support teams, leaders and organisations to hone their feedback skills, & more.


What does effective delegation look like for employees, team members, leaders? How does it support good teamwork? Business coaching & training builds on and improves your delegation competence, skills and implementation in your organisation, & more.

Delegation poker

What is delegation poker? What self-organization processes will using delegation poker put in motion? Business coaching & business training supports teams, leaders and organisations in implementing delegation poker & more.

Riemann-Thomann model

What is the Riemann-Thomann model? How it works and supports team development, business coaching and training, workshops and development processes for leaders, & more.

Conflict Management

What is conflict management? How can business coaching & training and mediation support your conflict management knowledge and skills, & more.

Compassionate Communication

What is compassionate communication? How business coaching & training can enhance your communication skills in order to successfully manage your interactions and resolve conflicts, & more.

Inner Team

What is the inner team? How the inner team as a tool in business coaching supports reflection on inner plurality, indecisiveness, being torn between different positions, & more.

Stress Management

What is stress management? How business coaching & business training can support your stress management skills and focus them on improving your resilience and wellbeing, & more.


What is self-management? How can business coaching & training drive your success in self-management and in the leadership of others, & more.

Active Listening

What is active listening? How business coaching & training can supercharge your listening skills and benefit your teamwork, strengthen your communication, let your leadership take off, & more.

Intercultural Contexts

What are low and high context cultures? How can business coaching & training help intercultural teams to reflect on their own communication context and take into account other contexts, improving their communications, interactions and results, & more.

Hofstede's dimensions

What are Hofstede's cultural dimensions? How can their application in business coaching & training support global teams in discovering their diversity, reflecting on their intercultural strengths, building their intercultural communication, & more.

Key values

What are key values? How key values drive our behaviour, our leadership, our teamwork with others, and what reflecting on them in business coaching & training can do for leaders, technical experts, team members, & more.

Expat Coaching

What is expat coaching? Expat coaching supports you and your family in the preparation, management, success and return from your expatriation mission. What you need to know & more.

Team Phases

What are team phases? How the team phase model can be used in team development and team coaching in order to support teams and leaders towards improving teamwork and outcomes, & more.

Project Management

What is project management? How can business coaching & training support you manage projects on time, on quality and in scope leading to project success, & more.

Appreciative Inquiry

What is appreciative inquiry? How can it drive positive change in your business? How can business coaching & training support appreciative change in your business, & more.

Community of Practice

What is a community of practice? How business coaching & training can support communities of practice in your business, connecting experts and driving business success, & more.

As business coach and business trainer I work with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to medium size companies, to large global organisations and corporations. Check out some of the testimonials to hear from some of my customers for business coaching, business training and workshop facilitation.

The work was conducted in a variety of settings: in Hamburg, at the customer’s location or via digital business coaching and business training channels, and in native English and German, or fluent French. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Cary Langer-Donohoe. I look forward to hearing from you!

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