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I am your bilingual business coach and business trainer in Hamburg.

In working with me you will find that I bring my skills as a business coach and trainer and my experience in leadership in industry to the table. Coaching and training with me is characterized by my pragmatic approach, my ability to keep my eye on the goal, communicate clearly in an appreciative environment and my positive energy.

Be it business coaching, business training or facilitation, here in Hamburg, remotely or at your location, in native English or German, get in touch for your development needs in leadership, global teamwork and expat management.

Global Teamwork

Working as a global team.
Making the most of your diversity.


Unfold your full potential.
Customized coaching, workshops and training to support you and your team.

I am here to turn your problems into goals.

As your business coach I work with you in a goal-oriented collaboration, where you benefit from my skill  and experience as a business coach and leader of intercultural teams. I use powerful questions, targeted feedback and specialist business coaching tools to enable you to reach your targets more effectively and achieve your full potential. I work with leaders, local and intercultural teams and individuals, as your business coach, in an effective partnership to improve your performance, strengthen your teamwork and communication, and resolve conflicts.

Fulfill your potential with me as your business coach.

I shed light on new ways of approaching your work.

As your business trainer I work with leaders like you and teams like yours on their personal and professional development in a positive atmosphere based on humanist values, where you and your teams will benefit from my extensive experience in leadership, success in intercultural environments and communication skills. My business training and workshops are always customized to your business needs, taking into account what will take you as a leaders and your local & global teams forwards.

Kick-start your development with me as your business trainer.

I’m your sparring partner on leadership and teamwork.

As your business coach and trainer I support the assessment of your options and advice you on potential opportunities and improvements. I’m your sparring partner at eye level with leadership experience from team to executive level  management across engineering, manufacturing, supplier management up to programme level management. Each person, each business is unique. My approach takes your needs into account.

Spar with someone at your level.

Coaching & training testimonials

  • Cary Langer-Donohoe is versatile while remaining firmly down-to-earth. As business coach, she puts herself in her customer‘s shoes and hits the nail right on the head. My coaching with her was characterized by their lasting results, which distinguishes her from many others in my eyes.

    N.B., Founder Hamburg
  • A great leadership training with the right mix of theory and practice. Cary is very positive and motivated in the work  she does as business trainer. It is enjoyable working on your personal development with her. Business training I can whole-heartedly recommend.

    J.M., Senior Project Manager About You, Hamburg
  • Thanks for the great team workshop and the breadth of inputs offered. Focusing on the people aspects of new work was the right thing to do. We particularly enjoyed your authentic and approachable way of guiding us through the topics. We recommend business training with Cary.

    Strategic Buying Otto, Hamburg
  • more customer testimonials on my work as a business coach & business trainer

Coaching & training customers

business coaching training customer hamburg otto
business coaching und training in Hamburg, Muttersprache Englisch und Deutsch
business coaching und training in Hamburg, Muttersprache Englisch und Deutsch
business coaching und training in Hamburg, Muttersprache Englisch und Deutsch
business coaching training customer hamburg alsterdorf
business coaching training customer hamburg hermes

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Dr Cary Langer-Donohoe
CLD, Business Coaching & Training
Hamburg, Germany
mobile: +49 40 947 69491
landline: +49 176 60 900 970

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