Business Training

As your business trainer I shed light on new ways of approaching your work.

I work with you and your teams in customized training sessions and workshops to develop your full potential in leading, people management, expat management and intercultural teamwork. Bespoke Business Training is about giving you the opportunity to reflect on current processes, assess their fit for purpose and, if required, acquire new ways of working with each other.

Customized Business Training gives you and your organisation the opportunity to learn and experience new approaches before transferring them to your daily business. Be it training for that feedback process you have wanted to implement, or a workshop for a team that needs support in focusing on what is required to achieve their goals, you will have maximum benefit from  bespoke Business Training sessions and workhops based on the combination of a positive learning environment and a trainer, who can authentically transfer knowledge based on experience in the field.

This is why I offer customized Business Training and facilitation based on my experience in industry only, on topics related to leadership, people management, intercultural teamwork, intercultural awareness, expat management, as well as workshops on process improvement and organisational change.

As your business trainer, I am here as your equal, working with you and your teams to enable you and your business to unfold your full potential. Working with me you will experience bespoke Business Training and workshops characterized by a focused, positive, appreciative, goal-oriented working relationship, and based on my long experience as a leader in industry, in international business organisations and as an expat.

Unsure if this is the right fit for you and your business? All we’ll need is a quick phone call. Speak to you soon!

When can Business Training help?

  • people management
  • feedback processes
  • appraisal processes
  • leadership in conflicts
  • leadership across cultures
  • intercultural awareness
  • expat management

Benefits of Business Training:

  • new approaches to old problems
  • effective learning on a cognitive & experiential level
  • actionable solution processes
  • problem solving strategies for now & the future
  • improved self-awareness & self-efficacy

When can Business Facilitation help?

  • improving teamwork
  • intercultural teamwork
  • process improvement
  • organisation change (e.g. by appreciative inquiry)

Benefits of Business Facilitation:

  • agreed, joint approaches to teamwork, processes, goals
  • strong engagement by involving people in change
  • actionable solution processes
  • problem solving strategies for now & the future
  • improved self-awareness & self-efficacy


Engineers & technical expert managers.

Developing your leadership skills.

Inspiring your team.

Resolving conflicts.

Intercultural Teamwork

Intercultural teams.

Intercultural organisations.

Communities of Practice.

Integrating new cultures.


Coaching in native English.

Expatriate coaching.

Expatriate integration.

Sustainable expatriate management.

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