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A short while ago, last week, in fact, I had one of those ‘ I am beginning to feel a bit tired of all of this’ days. How are you doing? In the midst of the umpteenth online video chat that week and the online tool debates with everyone and sundry I was finding it a bit challenging to remember what is important to me in what I do, which is not at all about online tools, however wonderful they are, but about people.

business coaching and training in Hamburg, native English and German

That is why I do what I do, why I love what I do now and why I loved being in leadership. It was always about the people and teams I worked with. Amidst the technological discussions on which tool is better and which is safer, this is at risk of getting lost for me. Particularly as, in the uncertainty abounding now, these discussions seem  to have more of a chance of devolving into ‘I’m right – No. I’m right’ arguments between parties, with both sides attempting to regain some control over their lives in this uncertain world.

At the same time that is happening I am finding that focusing away from my computer screen and the online communication methods offers a welcome respite and opportunity to regain that calmness and security I need. For one, my body is not thanking me for spending all day on my office chair, back-friendly piece of furniture that it is, and, for two, my eyes – I am notoriously short-sighted – definitely feel the strain of peering at a screen for too many hours a day. Screen-time rules for the kids have been much relaxed, but maybe we should bring them in for grown-ups?

My conclusions from this has to been to focus more on what is good for me, a piece of advice I routinely discuss with leaders, but had lost track of for myself recently. After all, how do you lead others if you cannot lead yourself? I had spoken about core values for leaders recently. Those make up a significant part knowing oneself as a leader and what is important in leadership. But beyond leading, they give all of us a good sense of orientation in times of uncertainty. A knowledge about ourselves and an understanding when things bother us.

One of the aspects that is really important to me in working with my clients is dealing with them and being dealt with at eye level. I like to support people, move people, help people, from a position of equality, not a position of power. Being able to do what I do for people is enough power for me, so the discussions about who is right about what tool are not really my thing. My conclusion from last week: less online time for online tools sake. I am going to be using my screen time for the positive things in my life. Like staying in touch with the friends and family we cannot personally see now. Like staying in touch with my coachees, like sharing items of good news. Believe it or not, the old telephone call, a method of communication I have eschewed for years after having an overdose as a leader, is becoming more popular in my books again. I am consciously focusing on what is good for me in my life, and can therefore be there more fully for my customers, friends and family, and lose the annoyance over ‘small stuff’ or incidental circumstances I cannot change. The ability to do this in leadership is a key skill in times like these.

Have you been able to find out what is good for you in these uncertain times? What gives you a boost, some sense of control, some positive input in your life?

If you need any help focusing on what is important to you as a leader in terms of your values and coping with uncertainty, or for your teams, you can contact me to see what type of business coaching or business training will suit you best.

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business coaching and training in Hamburg, native English and Germanbusiness coaching und training in Hamburg, Muttersprache Englisch und Deutsch