Business coaching & training for intercultural teamwork

Communication is key to any form of teamwork, the bread and butter of a functioning organisation, and unique to every person, every business, every culture.

In international contexts key communication issues all too often hidden under the blanket assumption that a shared spoken language will overcome all hurdles in intercultural teamwork.

If you have asked yourself these questions before:

  • Do you feel that your business is not fully benefiting from your international organisation?
  • Do you need you international teams to collaborate and it just doesn’t seem to be working? Do they seem to be talking past each other?
  • Do you understand your team members, employees and business partners from India, the USA, France…?
  • Are you benefiting from the cultural diversity in your team?

Then Business Coaching  and Training can enable you to achieve your goals more effectively and develop your team’s full potential. Click Business Coaching and Training for more details on my approach.

Improve intercultural understanding and teamwork in your organisation.

I am here to move you and your business forward internationally.

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