Compassionate communication

a key skill in conflict mediation, business coaching & business training

Compassionate communication was first developed by Marshall T. Rosenberg.

Compassionate communication is frequently and successfully used in conflict resolution.

It is focused on establishing a process in which conflicting parties can communicate with each other in a manner avoiding further aggravating a conflict and in order to achieve a win-win solution for both sides.

In this process four steps are key:

  1. communicating what one has factually perceived (without devaluing a counterpart of using accusations)
  2. communicating how one feels in relation to the perception
  3. communicating ones needs in this situation
  4. addressing this need as a request to one’s counterpart.

Compassionate communication is a key skill in conflict mediation.

The focus on facts, feelings and needs establishes a basis for communicating more openly, allowing parties to meet each other at eye level and achieve some level of understanding of each other.

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