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For those of you out there who want an impression of me ‘in action’ and want to know more about me LAMA has given me the opportunity to take part in an interview on their founders’ platform and this week I am featured as the Founder of the Week. Find out more about why I do what I do, what I do and where I can support you, your leaders and your teams in fulfilling your potential! business coaching training hamburg cary

Enjoy and see you here:

Founder of the week, Cary Langer-Donohoe




You and your team wish to fulfill your potential?

I am your business coach and trainer in Hamburg when it comes to leadership, global teamwork and expat management.

Be it business coaching, business training or facilitation, here in Hamburg, remotely or at your location, in native English or German. Contact me!

Sie und Ihr Team wollen Ihr volles Potential entfalten?

Ich bin Ihr Business Coach und Trainer in Hamburg in Sachen Führung, globalem Teamwork und Expat Management .

Ob Business Coaching, Business Training oder Moderation, vor Ort persönlich in Hamburg, remote oder an Ihrem Standort, in Muttersprache Englisch oder Deutsch. Kontaktieren Sie mich!

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