Expatriation is a unique, enriching experience, and a major lifestyle change.


Preparing yourself well - as an expat, and as a business employing and supporting expats -  will ensure the success of affected projects, secure the integration of the expat, thereby significantly and positively impacting the business's finances.


Many factors are at play when expatriating beyond speaking the local language. Any German working in Austria, or Brit working in the USA will attest that using a nominally  common language, does not necessarily mean you will be understood.

Expat Coaching

Coaching expats and their kin will prepare them for:

  • positively dealing with the inevitable culture shock
  • settling into a new work place and home
  • understanding and dealing well with cultural differences
  • being able to make the most of this experience

and provide: 

  • psychological adjustment methods and  skills
  • tailored coping and support mechanisms 
  • sessions by skype, facetime,telephone or in person

Investing in your sustainable expatriate management and expatriate coaching will help your business and you, as an expat, complete your missions more successfully.  


I am here to work with you to ensure your expatriate experience is successful.