About me

Cary Langer-Donohoe, Business Coach and Trainer Hamburg

In me you have a business partner with more than a decade experience of leading in industry, from teams to departments, to large-scale projects (> 30M €). 


My interest in finding solutions equals my interest in people.


I connect quickly, handling complexity and keeping an eye on the goal, while building a business relationship based on

humanist values and humor.  


I am by birth multi-cultural, an expat most my of my life, calling many countries my home. I am fully bilingual, with mother-tongue English and German, fluent in French.

What others say about me

"Mrs Langer-Donohoe successfully coached the departmental leaders at Ochsendorf & Coll following organisational changes necessary in order to adapt to fast and continued growth. Her coaching support enabled the teams to grow the business even further. Her work is characterized by customer orientation and appreciation for the people she works with. Straight-forward questioning and honest feedback lead her customers to their goals. My managers experienced a customized change process, which has sustainably motivated and developed them, and whose results they employ on a daily basis." - JUDr. Frank Ochsendorf, Ochsendorf & Coll. law firm (translation from OV)

"When I first met Cary I was experiencing a career crisis. I was very unhappy with the status quo, and not in a position to identify the exact reason for my unhappiness. Cary‘s coaching helped me identify the source of my dissatisfaction, formulate clear goals and find a way out of the crisis. Her clarity and straight-forward communication, as well as her positive attitude, contributed greatly to this process." – G.S., county school board (translated from OV)

"Cary Langer-Donohoe is versatile while remaining firmly down-to-earth. She puts herself in her customer‘s shoes and hits the nail right on the head. My coaching with her was characterized by their lasting results, which distinguishes her from many others in my eyes." – N. B., menschenkenner (translated from OV)

"I immediately felt at ease with Cary. She is professional, friendly and open. Feeling comfortable is extremely important when you are working with a coach because you have to be honest about yourself in order to achieve lasting change, and it may be difficult sometimes. The exercises we worked on were very helpful as I planned my next professional step, and I really enjoyed having Cary as my coach.” – J. A., real estate management (OV)

Companies I have worked with

My expertise

  • leading in the Tech & Production industry, and services sector
  • turning experts into managers
  • sustainable expat management
  • mother-tongue English



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My strengths

  • connecting with people
  • handling complexity
  • keeping an eye on the goal
  • straight-forward communication

My qualifications